"It's all about control"

I am a Business & life strategist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, artist, adventurer & Vegan.

I get asked all the time:

"how do you do it?"

The simple answer is "It's all about control"!

"Control yourself and the rest is easy". (Craig Staszak)

The basics of life, success, never change or at least haven't so far.
There is a Buddhist proverb that says:

" It is better to conquer yourself, than to win a thousand battles"

Learning self control, or discipline, Allows you to focus, build confidence and, be happier! When you learn how to control yourself anything and everything is possible, lose weight, climb a mountain face your fears.

In business it allows you to manage effectively,lead confidently, and understand the difference between controlling, having control, and being in control.
You become more aware and alert, improving your ability to notice issues, predict activity and develop solutions.

If you can conquer yourself then there is nothing left to conquer. Conquering becomes achieving, Adversity becomes opportunity, control that opportunity and you accomplish goals.


I relate life to business and business to life. Same principals different application.

I break everything down into the following three areas:

Yourself, business, job, team.
Includes, recruiting, risk management, personel management, culture, audit and compliance and learning how to take control, the difference between controlling, having control, and being in control

Sell yourself, your ideas, your business, your product.
includes human behavior, psychology. understanding and applying entertainment and news media techniques in your communication

(Return on investment)
How this applies to everything and is dependent on the 2 previous topics. What is Value and what it means to everything and everyone. What is your value? What is valuable to you?

Using the three areas above as a basis, I show you how to, and/or improve:
Yourself, your health and your relationships
Business startup to sustainable operation
Defining your success and how to achieve it
Defining creativity and how to use it
Using what you have

"Dig a Well before you become thirsty"

The proverb above is some of the best advice a person can give. When put in different forms it is the motto of the Boy Scouts "Be Prepared". It is what every car, truck equipment and machinery manufacturer and repair shop tells you to conduct "Regular preventative maintenance".
This is one of the basics of Six Sigma, recognizing problems or potential problems before they occur and finding a solution.
So why don't more people do it? Why doesn't everyone do it?
Maybe because it gets confused and misunderstood because of sayings like: "If it ain't broke don't fix it" and "but we've always done it like that."

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
"Lau Tsu"
I dont provide magic beans or wave a wand that instantly makes everything perfect, and provides all the answers. I educate and guide people to find the right answer for them, why it's the right one and what to do with it.

I don't simply give answers or tell someone what should or needs to be done. I provide you with the ability to create a sustainable mindset for success.
When I was a child I had already realized that "Because I said so" was not a legitimate or acceptable answer. Luckily My parents provided me with an inestimable amount of knowledge and understanding by almost always telling me the reason behind things.
This positioned me to think for and resolve situations by myself using the same deductive reasoning presented in their explanations.
When you drink the water, Remember the spring
This has several different but similar meanings and all of them are important.
The primary meaning is that of appreciation. To appreciate your sources of knowledge, resources, power, and to acknowledge that appreciation by recognition.
Self made, from nothing, and without anyone's help are myths and have no merit or truth to them. They give the wrong impression that you don't need help. Nobody accomplishes anything on their own or from nothing. Everyone has an influence of some kind, TV, Family, a favorite book, which constitute as a source, every successful person has a mentor, that is your spring.

Another meaning is that of considering the source. Was the source good? Was it informed? was it useful? A spring does not flow from only 1 place it's fed by hundreds of sources that combine to produce the final product. It's often tainted and twists and contains many impurities and it is up to you to filter them out so that all your left with is the pure water.

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