"It's all about control"

A little bit about me...
I was born in Buffalo New York and raised around the world between the city, suburbs, mountains, and farm. My family was constantly traveling even though we had a beautiful home in Orchard Park, NY in which My parents often took in others in need of which I consider my Brothers and sisters.

I am of Hispanic descent and I come from a mixed family of Polish (Father), and Hispanic (Mother) who was adopted and raised by a Lithuanian mother, and Italian father.

My family, neighbors and friends were and are a mix of entertainers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, Farmers, laborers and military. I grew up learning all of their skills and trades.

My Mother is a dancer, model and actress, my Father a CFO, Eagle Scout, and Retired Lt Col. in the US army.

My wife is a an EDM Producer/DJ
Our son is an artist and Fine arts professor as is his husband

I have been Wealthy and broke many times
over the years due to various circumstances

Lived in a Gothic Victorian mansion, a home designed by Frank LLoyd Wright and several crappy apartments.

You name it I've probably done it, eaten it, been there, or know about it.

I am an Entrepreneur, Author, Artist, and Entertainer
I am a Vegan
I am tattooed, pierced and proud of it.
I am a Father
I am a Master a teacher, and a student
I am an Eagle Scout
I am a chartered officer (VP Public Relations for Keymasters a Toastmasters International Club.
I am a skier/snowboarder,and skateboarder
I am very open minded
I do not get Political.
I love to travel, love, experience and LIVE!
I fix things.
I am in Control
I have a unique memory and can remember every piece of my life and career from the duties to the people to the smells and the feelings. I got my first outside job when I was 12 picking strawberries. By the time I was 19 I was a head graphic artist marketing and shop manager for a marketing/printing company while going to school. I got tired of being the result and collateral damage of other peoples incompetence and fear and decided to use that knowledge both good and bad to help people and businesses realize success.

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