"It's all about control"

Personal & Professional Development
The first steps in every Goal and/or Success journey is control and FOCUS.
Defining your success & goal(s). Everyone's definition of success is different.

I work with you to pinpoint and plan your path to your success.

Together we develop a plan and program which teaches what to do, how to do it and why it should be done. Organization, positive thinking, and project management.
Eliminate negative thinking, diminishing speech, and elevate positivism, value and self confidence.

The most goal I hear most often is;

                     I WANT TO BE RICH!

My Solution:


The answer is always "NO" or something similar like "Not that way" yet the original goal was to be rich, and robbing a bank is a way to accomplish that goal.

By using that example it demonstrates that the perceived goal may not be the actual goal and sets the basis for thinking in the goal oriented direction which continues throughout the process.

Both personal and professional coaching programs include organization, planning, benchmarks, metrics and when to use them, policies and procedures, project management, focus, flow charts, journals, tools and techniques and life balance.
Life Coaching
Goal focus and setting
Action plans
Plan execution
Motivation, Determination, Assertiveness
Organization-what is right for the individual
Sales, and ROI applied to persnal life
Realizing success
Fix Yourself! General improvement and do things the right way your way
Management Coaching
What being a manager is all about.
Its all about control, but of whom or what?
Control Vs Controlling
What your company or employer expects
What your employees expect
Managing Vs Supervising
Managing and Coaching
Leading by Example... R-E-S-P-E-C-T
The rights and wrongs
Problems, Issue, and conflict resolution
Applying life to business
Using the three areas above as a basis, I show you how to, and/or improve:
Yourself, your health and your relationships
Business startup to sustainable operation
Defining your success and how to achieve it
Defining creativity and how to use it
Using what you have

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