"It's all about control"


Most people make the mistake of relating the rules of personal life with business. The truth is that's a great way to discourage anyone from starting a business. The rules are very different for businesses especially corporations and especially when it comes to funding.

Method 1
For startup, small-med business.
Standard Business and/or concept analysis
Using the result we develop a Success and/or improvement.

- Planning to plan
- Mission Statement (goals)
- Business Plan
- Create a brand
- Marketing Plan
- Organization
- Policies & Procedures
- Culture
- HR and recruitment
- Marketing
- Setup or cleanup
- "Digging the Well" Fixing and proactive issue resolution or Risk management

Method 2
Metrics too often take the place of observation and common sense. Numbers are useless if the culture isn't geared toward success. Employees that are Disgruntled, incompetent, complacent, disloyal, or posess low morale. Inefficient processes, ineffective managers. None of these serious issues can be identified or resolved accurately by transparent surveys, audits,or projects. The healing begins from within with my specialized Immersive analysis program - BLACK OPS BUSINESS.

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